Choose Your Own Fitz’s 12 Pack


Why get only one of your favorite Fitz’s Craft Sodas when you can have three? Choose any three (3) flavors of our Fitz’s craft soda 4-packs to create your own unique Fitz’s Variety Pack that is just for you!

Enter the ‘#’ of 4-packs in the ‘Quantity’ field to specify which flavor you would like to order. Your order quantity must equal 3 to continue with the order. You can place a ‘1’ in three different flavors, or a ‘1’ & a ‘2’, it’s up to you.


Root Beer | Fitz's

Diet Root Beer | Fitz's

Cream Soda | Fitz's

Diet Cream Soda | Fitz's

Cardinal Cream | Fitz's

Berry Pomegranate | Fitz's

Black Cherry | Fitz's

Orange Pop | Fitz's

Grape Pop | Fitz's

Strawberry | Fitz's

Key Lime Soda | Fitz's

Orange Cream | Fitz's

Ginger Ale | Fitz's

Kaldi's Coffee Cola | Fitz's

Hip Hop Pop | Fitz's

Ginger Beer | Fitz's


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