Root Beer

  • Holiday Float

    Stop by Fitz’s and try our holiday float!

    Celebrate the season with the holiday treat preferred by Santa and the elves!  It starts with our famous draft Fitz’s Root Beer that is then topped with creamy peppermint ice cream, candy cane crumbles, whipped cream and a bright red cherry on top! Enjoy for a limited time through January 20th.

  • Fitz's Community - St. Louis, MO

    Check out Fitz’s new Instagram page

    So many people have been sharing their delicious photos from Fitz’s with us, we decided to start an Instagram page to start displaying them all!  If you have a photo that you’d like us to share on our new Instagram page,  just email it to us to [email protected]

  • Fruit Basket | Fitz's | 12 Pack

    What’s NOT in Our Craft Soda

    Recently, a customer was asking whether stores carry our strawberry pop and black cherry soda flavors. We replied that Schnucks should have both those varieties, and that if she didn’t see those flavors on the shelves, she should let the customer service desk know. Finally, our customer replied, “Thanks! And thanks for making your sodas […]

  • Jilly's cupcakes Fitz's Roobeer

    Fitz’s soda + cupcakes = Heaven on Earth

    Try one of Jilly’s special Fitz’s root beer cupcakes and see for yourself! Fitz’s Root Beer Float Cupcake Cake: Root Beer Filling: Malted Vanilla Whipped Cream Topping: Root Beer Buttercream, Vanilla Bean Buttercream Scoops, Root Beer Drizzle, Red Chocolate Straw, and Sprinkles — at Jilly’s Cupcake Bar & Cafe. Now answer honestly – who’s hungry? […]